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The tire size calculator helps us to select the right tires for our vehicle. The tire size is a Combination of numbers and letters that denote the tire size diameter, tread width, rim diameter, sidewall height, circumference, and revolutions per mile.

Tire Size Conversion | Tire Size Calculator

Find the right tire size for better handling and efficiency with the tire size calculator provided here and Improve your vehicle performance.

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Tire Diameter
Tread Width
Rim Diameter
Sidewall Height

Tire Diameter Calculator

The length of a straight line passing through one center point of the tire to the last center point is called the diameter of the tire which refers to the measurement of tire diameter.

This measurement is an important factor in determining the overall height and performance characteristics of a vehicle. This directly affects speedometer accuracy, vehicle ground clearance and handling dynamics.

Tire Diameter = Wheel Diameter in Millimeters + (2 * Sidewall Height)
Tire Diameter = 431.8 + (2 * 112.5)
Tire Diameter = 431.8 + 225
Tire Diameter = 656.8 mm

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Tire Width Calculate

The first number in the tire size code is the width of the tire, in millimeters. It is the width from one sidewall to the other sidewall and is also known as section width or tread width.

Tire width refers to the measurement at the widest point.

Wider tire widths often provide better traction and cornering ability, while narrower widths can contribute to fuel efficiency and lower rolling resistance.

For example: In the tire size number P225/50R17, the tire width is 225 millimeters.

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Rim/Wheel Height Calculator

Rim/wheel height refers to the vertical measurement from the base of the rim of a wheel to its center.

This combines the changed wheel diameter with the doubled height of the sidewalls for accurate representation.

This dimension plays an important role in determining the overall appearance of a vehicle as well as its performance characteristics.

Rim/Wheel Height = (Wheel Diameter * 25.4) + (2 * Sidewall Height)
Rim/Wheel Height = 431.8 + (2 * 112.5)
Rim/Wheel Height = 431.8 + 225
Rim/Wheel Height = 656.8 mm

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Tire Sidewall Height Calculator

The Tire Sidewall Height is an important measurement often referred to as the aspect ratio. It refers to the distance between the rim of the tire and its outer tread.

This ratio affects the overall height of the tire and affects aspects such as ride comfort, handling and stability.

Sidewall Height = (Tire Width Aspect Ratio * Tire Section Width) / 100
Sidewall Height = (50 * 225) / 100
Sidewall Height = 112.5 mm

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Tire Circumference Calculator

The tire circumference determines the measurement of distance traveled in one complete revolution of the tire.

Users can accurately estimate a tire’s outside measurements by inputting its width, aspect ratio and rim diameter via Tire Dimensions.

This tool is valuable for a variety of applications, including automotive performance analysis, speedometer calibration, and understanding the potential impact of tire changes on vehicle dynamics.

Tire Circumference = π * Tire Diameter
Tire Circumference = π * 656.8
Tire Circumference ≈ 2062.4 mm

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Tire Revolutions Calculator

Tire revolutions measure the number of revolutions of a tire, which helps to calculate distance and estimate speed. Those are often referred to as “revs/miles“.

This proves useful for both drivers and professionals in fields such as logistics and sports to optimize performance and efficiency.

Number of Revolutions = Distance in Millimeters / Tire Circumference
Number of Revolutions = 1000000000 / 2062.4
Number of Revolutions ≈ 484126.1 revolutions

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